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Ask A Technician: How Can I Protect My Car In The Heat?

Heat affects many automotive systems both under the hood and inside the cabin, but drivers can win the battle against heat by following a few simple tips from the Nalley Toyota of Roswell service department.


Engines create a lot of heat because of their moving parts and the friction they create. Although engine oil and coolant help keep heat manageable, summer heat can drive engine temperatures to dangerous levels. Car owners should have the coolant systems in their cars flushed according to the service interval recommended by the auto manufacturer. Drivers can find this information inside the owner’s manual that came with their cars or by calling our service department. Between coolant flushes, car owners should periodically check the coolant level in the engine of their car.

Heat contributes to the breakdown of engine oil. Drivers should learn about proper oil-change intervals by checking the owner's manuals that came with their cars. Drivers who live in exceptionally hot areas should ask for advice about changing to a different type of oil for summer driving. Meanwhile, drivers should periodically check all engine fluid levels in their car including transmission, power steering, and brake fluids.


Many drivers breathe a sigh of relief when they survive cold winter weather without having to buy a car battery. Those drivers do not realize that hot weather also affects the performance of batteries. Heat causes the fluid inside car batteries to evaporate, which contributes to the corrosion of battery terminals and makes them more susceptible to vibration. Bring your car to the dealer periodically to have your batteries checked. Our technicians have special tools that help determine when cars need new ones.


Hot weather and hot roads heat the air inside tires, causing over-inflated tires and potentially hazardous conditions. Under-inflated tires also cause heat-related problems that can affect braking and cause blowouts. Drivers should routinely check tire pressure and inflate or deflate them so they match the specifications recommended by the manufacturer.

Interior Heat

Heat builds up inside parked cars on hot summer days, often surpassing 200 degrees and making conditions deadly for people and pets. Make sure everyone gets out of the car on hot days. Intense heat can also crack windshields and dry seat covers and upholstery. Whenever possible, park your car in the shade, use a removable windshield sunshade, and leave the windows slightly lowered. Visit our service center to have your air conditioning systems checked as well.


Have an issue that needs attention? Contact the Nalley Toyota of Roswell service department at 866-606-5371 to schedule a service appointment or if you have any questions we can help answer.